Optimize Efficiency with Time Recording Software

Get the advanced time recording software to track time, monitor activities, measure accurate billable hours and enroll hassle-free payments within the real-time.


Get facilitated with easy-to-use and efficient time recording software ​

Stay systematized

Once you start processing with the best time recording software for lawyers, you get to reap exceptional convenience. With that, you can manage both, your clients, cases, invoices and the time consumed on the project.

Manage team members

With Lawsyst, it’s effortless to manage a team of vetted lawyers and an ample of clients. From scheduling their clock in/out timings to generating timely reports for accurate payments, our time management software makes it all happen swiftly.

Track cases in real-time

The automated time tracking software is specifically designed to help both clients and lawyers to track their cases. Whether they need to make any update or want to track the progress made on the project, our time recording software makes it hassle-free.

Get in-depth insights

Configure efficiently and streamline your workflow with the best time recording software for lawyers. Along with that, customize reports for billing and share precise information about the work and time spent on.


With the brilliant time recording software, simply stay a notch up. Connect with your team, record their attendance and plan their schedules accordingly. The smart absence calendar also enables you to enroll accurate payments.


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